Join the Ranks of Support for Gary Sandberg


Jim and Judith McConkie, Attorney, Democrat. 

“I have been privileged to work with Gary on business, community and governmental issues. I admire his work ethic, integrity and level headed approach. He is well prepared to represent us and will serve our District very well.”
Richard Snelgrove, Entrepreneur, SL County Comm’n Member, GOP Nat’l Delegate and former State Party Chair

“As an independent voter in recent elections, I wholeheartedly support Gary this year as a man of sound business experience, political vision and core values.” David Sturt, NYTimes Best Selling Author and Ex. V.P. O.C. Tanner Lynette and Dr. Marsden Blanche, Acclaimed Physician/Philanthropist/Humanitarian

“Gary’s commitment to constitutional values and his vision of education, including the development of trade and vocational skills, are inspiring.” Jim Wall, former Editor, Deseret News Kathleen and Thomas Kelly, Former Jet Blue Gen’l Counsel and Entrepreneur

“A hands-on leader, employer and master tradesman, Gary represents the best of Utah’s work force!” Lane Summerhays, CPA/MBA and former CEO WCF Insurance Sue and Don Mantyla, CPA/Founder, Mantyla & McReynolds (nka BDO)

“Gary has a servant’s heart, a willingness to listen, and the skill to effectively advocate for our district.” Kim and Jaren Davis, Entrepreneur and Broker, 2020 District 41 House Candidate, former Delegate/Precinct Officer Wendy and Dr. Reed Fogg, Neurosurgeon/Philanthropist Megan and Nate Woodward, Financial Advisor

“Gary will stand for conservative values with integrity and courage.” Lynette and Dr. Marsden Blanch, Acclaimed Physician/Philanthropist/Humanitarian Joan and Dr. Craig Anderson, ENT Physician and Humanitarian

“We need common sense leadership and core values now more than ever - Gary unquestionably embodies both in Utah’s District 41 House race.” Kelly Nash, Business/Trial Lawyer and Precinct Chair Mary and Robyn Egan, Owner/ Mgr, The Wood Connection Furniture

“As my neighbor for over 25 years, Gary examplifies integrity/honesty, is a great listener/communicator, and adheres to solid conservative values, including limited government and constitutional principles.” Ann and Dr. Gary Halverson, Radiologist/Philanthropist Amanda and Dr. Dave Warner, Oncologist

“We need free speech and value based leadership, not cancel culture and political wokism.” Karen Nash, Musician, Homemaker and Former State Delegate Janet and Dr. Doug Todd, Dentist

“I’ve known Gary for over 45 years and he is simply an outstanding candidate and an example of integrity.” Lori and Dr. Richard Boyer, retired Physician Carol and Dave Olsen, Health Care Services Executive

“As a next door neighbor of Gary’s, I have respected his integrity and friendship and support his candidacy without reservation.” Diane and Ron Sellwood, former CFO, Boart Longyear Bonnie and Gary Lasson, former V.P. O.C. Tanner

“Even beyond the exceptional quality of the woodwork he manufactures, Gary’s honesty and integrity set him apart among professionals.” Vicki and Dr. Farrell Forsberg, Radiologist

Willing to carefully listen to and respectfully consider all points of view, Gary is a respectful and principled man.” John Bennett, Government Service and Consultant Chris and Greg Watts, Real Estate Broker

“It is time to take the District 41 seat back and restore conservative values in our local and state politics.” Jamie and Matt Pendleton, former Precinct Chair and County Delegate

“I wholeheartedly support Gary’s candidacy.” Bill Clayton, Private Investor, former Aerospace Engineer and 2010/2014 District 41 House Candidate

“Having known and worked with him for many years, I can say Gary is unquestionably a highly respected, trustworthy, caring and thoughtful individual with tremendous business and life experience, who will represent us well.” Carolyn and James Woodward, Managing General Underwriter and Philanthropist

“I am pleased to endorse this solid Republican candidate.” Greg Johnson, former District 41 House Candidate

“We are pleased to endorse Gary. We have known him for over 20 years and he is an integrous and honest man who we trust without reservation.” Linda and Sam Gustafson, President of Capital Properties, LLC

“It is an honor to endorse Gary Sandberg as a candidate for State House District 41. He is a conservative voice of integrity with common sense values. He understands the issues of our unique district situated at the foothills and up both “Big Cottonwood “ and “Little Cottonwood “ canyons. We need a strong voice with a vision that values the pristine nature of those canyons. Gary is committed to be a strong voice and active player in the decisions that must be made in the near future concerning the transportation issues and use of the canyons. Gary Sandberg’s conservative, common sense will serve our community and state well. “ Hugo Diederich, Holladay

“It is my pleasure to endorse Gary Sandberg as a candidate running for the Utah State House of Representatives in District 41. I have known Mr. Sandberg on a business and personal level for over twenty years. He is an integrous and honest individual that I trust without reservation.” Sam Gustafson, President, Capitol Properties, LLC.