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Water Discrimination on the East Bench and in the Canyons?

Many year-round residents in the Cottonwood Canyons don't get the same water service that others in Salt Lake County enjoy.  For several months each year, they have no culinary water in their taps and no water in their fire hydrants. To compound this outrageous situation, these homes are nestled in areas that are listed as high and extreme wildfire danger.

Our elected officials and public servants have been "looking the other way” for far too long. 

My common sense proposal:
Uncover the true data about our Water Supply. I will work with the state engineer to get to the bottom of our water data.
Invite Canyon residents and elected officials to meet with the legislature to finally bring an end to this unfair situation.
Require Salt Lake City to renegotiate its water contracts with canyon residents to ensure year-round, permanent water service and fair treatment.
If necessary, I will introduce legislation to change water law to bring about this resolution. 

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Wildfire Danger on the East Bench and in the Cottonwood Canyons

Much of District 41's East Bench foothills and Cottonwood Canyons are listed as extreme fire danger. This according to the interactive fire risk map of the Utah State Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands:

We have reached our tipping point. The Marshall wildfire in Boulder, Colorado 6 months ago showed what can happen:  1000 homes burned down.

My common sense proposal:
1. Clear and specific fire mitigation plans.
The recent Canyons General Plan hardly mentions wildfire and provides no plans for mitigating it.
2. A fuel reduction program. We need to cut and remove underbrush, dead and down trees, and implement targeted grazing.
3. Defensible Spaces around homes for residents in the canyons and foothills to protect their homes.
4. Evacuation Plans to instruct residents how to evacuate and where to go.
5. Ensure adequate water and pressure in fire hydrants year-round, also up in the canyon communities.

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End the Traffic Jams on Wasatch Boulevard and in the Canyons

The frequent and unacceptable traffic jams on Wasatch Boulevard and up the canyons frustrate canyon visitors and disturb the peace.

My common sense proposal:

1. Immediately work toward implementing a reservation system at each of the four Wasatch ski resorts.
2. Implement a summer reservation system at the popular trailheads.

This proposal is simple, very low cost, and the public has already shown they will accept reservation systems if they protect our natural resources, improve the visitor experience and prevent traffic jams. 

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Common Sense

Gary is a common-sense conservative who values reason, stability,  fairness and transparency regarding state government. 

Gary believes government must be value-based and effective in protecting individual rights for all, providing reasonable regulations which encourage growth, and cutting unnecessary bureaucracy. 

Gary believes in limited government and our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The US Consitution is divinely inspired and continues to bless us with liberty, freedom and prosperity.

A Caring Businessman

For the past 40 years, Gary has shepherded the family-owned, highly skilled craftsmanship that defines Granite Mills.  Their custom work "can be found in monumental, institutional, religious and residential buildings throughout the U.S."

Their beautiful and inspiring workmanship can be seen in the Hunstsman Cancer Institute, Abravanel Hall, Cathedral of the Madeleine, the LDS Conference Center, U of U Football Stadium, and much more.

What can we do about spiraling  Inflation in Utah?

Inflation is spiraling out of control, currently at 12% in Utah.  Fuel prices make it difficult for some to afford even driving to work.  Rents and home prices have jumped 23% in Salt Lake County alone. 

We can redirect how our tax dollars are spent to help combat inflation.  

My common sense proposal:

Utilize our surplus tax funds to pause the state gasoline tax. We can keep improving infrastructure using our current surpluses to backfill the transportation funds normally covered through gas tax, benefiting all Utahns.
● Schools: Invest more in technology and less in unneeded programs and buildings to save tax money and improve outcomes.
● Reform our tax system to focus on what we really need without accruing surpluses. The surpluses of the last few years show we need to reduce taxation.

Can we fix the lack of Career and Technical Education in Utah?

We all need to be concerned that Utah companies cannot find workers with the skills and work ethic to take the jobs industry needs.

As owner of Granite Mills Woodworking company,  in 115 years of operation we've never experienced such a lack of skilled technical workers.  Utah companies simply can not find qualified people at any pay level. We need to do a better job in technical education, emphasizing the integration of computer and vocational skills!

My common sense proposal:
● Increase funding and communications for career and technical education (CTE) both in High School and in college.
Initiate programs to identify and encourage the right students who will thrive in these types of jobs.
● Place renewed emphasis on practical shop classes to prepare for these careers.
Community Colleges need to expand programs integrating computer and vocational skills
● Local businesses must be included in the planning of CTE programs.
● Expand apprenticeships, and other training opportunities in cooperation with local business. 

Abravanel Hall

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